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*Pricing does not include shipping rates. Coasters will take 1 week to create before shipping. Larger orders will take longer to create. Contact for more details. Coasters can be cleaned with a clean wet rag. Coasters are not to be washed in dish washer. Pushpins are fixed with adhesive but can come out with applied force. The buyer understands all of the risks with purchasing this product and is responsible for any risks that may arise from using any of the products supplied by the seller. The seller is not responsible for any injury that occurs when using these products.


Pin Art is a contemporary fun style of art that anyone can enjoy!

Pin Art is a modern, fun style of art that consists solely of pushpins. Depicting famous figures throughout history, music, politics, theater, religion and sports, each design is collaged out with thousands of painted and strategically placed plastic pushpins.

Pin Art is a contemporary fun style of art that anyone can enjoy!

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