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The perfect unique gift for people of all ages.Similar to paint by numbers, Pushpin Art Kits allow you to create your own personalized design at your leisure. Pushpin Art Kits come packaged with a frame, color chart and all of the colored pushpins needed to create your next masterpiece. Standard 13x13 designs contain over 1,200 pushpins which will lead to hours of enjoyment. Pick from designs in our gallery or request your own design. Pin Art can be made into anything from your favorite celebrity, to your favorite sport team, to your favorite family photo or even to your companies corporate logo.

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NOTHING TACKY ABOUT IT! Pin Art (Pushpin Art) is a modern, fun style of art that consists solely of pushpins. Depicting famous figures throughout history, music, politics, theater,
religion and sports, each design is collaged out with thousands of painted and strategically placed plastic pushpins. A single pushpin is a simple form when it stands alone, but when
combined with others and viewed from a distance, it's transformed into another image all together. " pushpin art push pin tacks thumbtacks modern fun unique fun artwork contemporary color pixelated dot matrix pattern van gogh creative tacky nothing tacky about it north carolina pin art PinArt Pushpin Art for sale. PIN ART KITS ONLY $50 ITS AS EASY AS 1,2,3 Raleigh, NC 27612 United States.